A technology company bringing car extended repair plans to e-commerce for end consumers.

Forevercar's mission: to make car repairs easy and affordable for everyone! Getting an instant quote and checkout process made buying this peace-of-mind product next to your car insurance, super easy.


We had an aggressive timeline to redesign and rebuild the e-commerce platform. The primary focus was to make it far more intuitive than version 1, and much easier and quicker for a consumer to go from quote to checkout.


From a quote to checkout. You could even manage multiple vehicle policies, view or download policies, and make payments online.


We were also challenged to make it easy to use on any mobile device. The challenging part about making this experience mobile friendly is that there were a lot of components and pieces that went into creating an accurate quote.

My Role

I was the lead UI/UX Designer at Forevercar. We had a creative director, a CTO, and two junior developers on the product team.